Welcome Home Loans

.. are designed to help you get into that first home and on the property ladder.
Welcome Home Loans

Depending on your situation, a Welcome Home Loan could allow you to get into your first home with as little as 10% deposit ( Most lenders currently require a minimum 20 % deposit)

Options and Eligibility are:

  • you are buying your first home
  • you only have a 10% deposit (can use combined deposit)
  • you'll live in the home you are buying (ie; is not for rental / investment properties)
  • you are a permanent New Zealand resident or New Zealand citizen
  • you have an 'acceptable credit history'
  • '2nd chance home buyers'... read on

Two Income Caps
your annual household income before tax is below $80,000 for one borrower,
or is below $120,000 for two or more borrowers
NOTE: You can pool together with other buyers - but the maximum income cap of $120,000 remains the same

Change to Welcome Home Loans from 1 April 2015...for more information.click here
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