20% Deposit Loans

With at least 20 % deposit you are in the optimum lending position....
20% Deposit Loans

You may be very surprised how much deposit you actually have available ... for example you can use a combination of the following;

  • Your own cash $$ savings
  • KiwiSaver Withdrawal (minimum of 3 years Kiwi Saver contributions)
  • KiwiSaver Housing NZ Deposit Subsidy - You may qualify for $1000 for every year you have regularly contributed to your Kiwi Saver fund - to a maximum of $5000 (we will help you with all of this paperwork :)
  • Gifted Deposit
  • OR you can team up with other borrowers to put together your deposit and purchase a home.
  • Guarantor - a close relative with property security

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